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Finland to suspend production of ammunition for Ukrainian Armed Forces

Finland to suspend production of ammunition for Ukrainian Armed Forces Finland may suspend the production of ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (photo:

In Finland, defense industry enterprises producing ammunition for Ukraine may come to a halt for two days due to strikes, according to Yle.

It is anticipated that the strikes will take place at four Nammo plants involved in the production of ammunition and gunpowder. Raimo Helasmäki, the company's CEO, believes that the planned protests on February 1 and 2 could impact the supply of weaponry to Ukraine.

Helasmäki stated that the shutdown and ramping up to full capacity at the nitrocellulose production plant in Vihtavuori, which produces gunpowder, would take over two days.

The Nammo head also added that the plants do not directly supply ammunition to Ukraine but rather sell to the Defense Forces, after which the weaponry is exported. Nammo employs 450 workers across its factories, and approximately 350 employees are expected to participate in the strikes.

Meanwhile, the Finnish Ministry of Defense asserts that the temporary shutdown of these enterprises will not impact the quantity or quality of deliveries to Ukraine.

It has been reported that the industrial union had previously announced large-scale strikes, affecting several industrial sectors. Approximately 60,000 people across the country are expected to participate in the nationwide strikes. The catalyst for the strikes was the government's program for labor market reforms.

Aid from Finland to Ukraine

Finland is extending both defense and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine in response to the onset of full-scale military aggression by Russia.

Earlier reports indicated that the Finnish government had submitted its proposal to the parliament to amend the 2024 budget, including an increase in aid to Ukraine.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö had previously urged Europe to invest in arms production. According to him, European countries need to allocate funds to enhance arms manufacturing to demonstrate strength and resilience.

Additionally, Finland's Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, Ville Tavio, recently announced that the country will provide €3 million in aid to improve food security in Ukraine.