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Finland to start producing shells for Ukraine

Finland to start producing shells for Ukraine Finland to start producing shells for Ukraine (
Author: Maria Kholina

Finland's government intends to commence the production of artillery shells for Ukraine, with a decision expected before Christmas, according to a statement by Finland's Minister of Defense, Antti Hakkanen.

"We have concluded negotiations on how Finland will continue to increase the production of shells for Ukraine's defense. The decision will be made in the coming weeks," Hakkanen stated.

The official said that this matter will likely be resolved before Christmas, and a plan has been announced to significantly increase shells production.

"The intention is to support Ukraine even more strongly than now. At the same time, we will continue to enhance Finland's and the Nordic countries' readiness for ammunition production," Hakkanen added.

It is mentioned that the production will be increased by tens of millions of euros.

Finland's assistance to Ukraine

Finland has been providing both defense and humanitarian aid to Ukraine since the onset of the full-scale military aggression by the Russian Federation.

The Finnish government recently submitted a proposal to parliament to amend the 2024 budget project, which includes an increase in aid to Ukraine.

Recently, Finland approved the allocation of its 20th package of military assistance to Ukraine. It was announced that the country's government will provide 3 million euros in aid to improve food security in Ukraine.