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Finland likely to keep border with Russia closed

Finland likely to keep border with Russia closed Photo: Finland to keep border with Russia closed (Getty Images)

Finland is likely to keep its border with Russia closed, despite the expiration of such measures on January 15, according to Iltalehti.

An unnamed government source informed the publication that the border checkpoints with Russia would remain closed after Sunday, January 14.

"In the current situation, it is difficult to imagine that the border will be opened," added the spokesperson.

However, the outlet specifies that Finland's government bases its decision to keep the border closed on information received from authorities, stating that Russia's behavior has not changed since the closure of the eastern border.


in late November, Finland closed all border checkpoints with Russia due to a significant influx of illegal migrants attempting to seek asylum in Finland.

On December 13, the government reviewed its decision and reopened two checkpoints. However, within a few days, the border had to be closed again completely due to a new wave of migrants.

Just yesterday, on January 9, the media suggested that Finland might extend the closure of the border with Russia.