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Fico in stable but serious condition. Slovak government to continue working without him

Fico in stable but serious condition. Slovak government to continue working without him Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico (photo: Getty Images)

The Slovak prime minister is still in the hospital after an assassination attempt. His condition remains serious, according to Defense Minister Robert Kaliňák.

Defense Minister Robert Kaliňák said that due to the prime minister's serious condition, his transfer to Bratislava will not be possible in the coming days.

"The same applies to proposals from abroad, which we appreciate," he added.

According to Kaliňák, several miracles have occurred in Banská Bystrica in recent days at the hands of doctors, nurses, and all the staff of Roosevelt Hospital, where Fico was hospitalized after being shot last Wednesday.

"I can't find the words to thank you enough for getting us closer to a positive prognosis. His condition allows for regeneration, and Mr. Prime Minister is certainly aware of all the limits that such a serious injury presents," the minister said.

How the Slovak government will work without Fico

He also described how the government will be managed during the period of the Prime Minister's hospitalization.

"We have agreed that the government will continue with the program that it has defined. This means that there will be at least two government meetings next week, one standard and one extraordinary, due to negotiations on the European funds. The deadline for submitting laws to the parliament is approaching, so the state must continue to function," Kaliňák added.

The minister also added that the coalition has all the powers necessary to ensure the functioning of the state.

"That's what deputy prime ministers are for, whether it's signing laws or something else, we have all these powers," he said.

Attempted murder of Fico

On Wednesday, May 15, an attempt was made on the life of the Prime Minister of Slovakia. A man shot Fico about 4 times with a firearm. The prime minister was rushed to the hospital by helicopter.

Yesterday, Fico underwent a second surgery that should improve his condition. However, doctors still say that the prime minister's condition is serious.

You can read more about what happened and what is known about the motives in the RBC-Ukraine article.

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