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Fico attack: Current condition of Slovak Prime Minister

Fico attack: Current condition of Slovak Prime Minister Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has undergone surgery following an attack. He is currently in the hospital, according to Aktuality and Ta3.

Shortly before midnight, Slovakia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment Tomas Taraba announced that Fico's life is not in danger. He said that one of the bullets hit the Prime Minister's abdomen, while another struck a joint (likely an arm joint).

However, some Slovak politicians claim that Robert Fico's condition is serious. The media notes that the Prime Minister faces a long recovery. Some outlets report that he has regained consciousness.

Fico was airlifted to Roosevelt Hospital in Banská Bystrica following the gunshot wounds, where he underwent surgery.

According to Slovak media, several police units are stationed outside the hospital. The area in front of the emergency department is cordoned off, and no one is being allowed in.

Details of the attack

Yesterday, May 15, in the city of Handlová, a man attacked Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico near the building where the government was meeting.

The politician was shot with a firearm, sustaining injuries. Fico was immediately hospitalized, and after midnight, it was announced that he had undergone surgery.

Slovak media have identified the man who attempted to assassinate Fico. The attacker is 71-year-old writer and poet Juraj Cintula.

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