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Experts debunk myth about boiling water twice

Experts debunk myth about boiling water twice Can you reboil water in the kettle (Photo:

The idea that water, boiled twice, becomes worse is a common misconception. It is believed that toxic chemical compounds emerge in such water, making it unsuitable for consumption. However, in reality, this is a myth, writes Wprost.

Experts from the German Fresenius Institute claim that nothing dangerous will happen to water if it is boiled again. The water will simply remain unchanged.

"It's just a theory. The second boiling will not make it poisonous or toxic, it will not release harmful compounds, but it will kill microorganisms. If it was contaminated before, then yes, that's a problem, but the microbes die during the first boiling," says scientist Lukasz Sakovsky.

Boiling kills microorganisms

Many publications discussing the anticipated harmful effects of boiling water multiple times argue that such water contains less oxygen. However, scientists argue that the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water is important in hydrobiology but not in human nutrition.

Boiling for the second time is even necessary

However, water left in the kettle for too long can become dangerous as microorganisms may start to grow in it. That's why it's worth boiling the kettle again if the water has been sitting for several hours.

According to the Fresenius Institute, there are microbes in the environment that can multiply in kettles with water. Boiling for the second time effectively deals with them.

Reboiling does not affect the taste of water, and, as experts say, from the consumer's perspective, this procedure is irrelevant for making coffee or tea. It is also suitable after the first boiling.

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