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Explosions occurred in Russian Kursk: Alleged downing of drone reported

Explosions occurred in Russian Kursk: Alleged downing of drone reported Photo: Explosions and fire are announced in Kursk due to drone attack (RusMedia)

In the Russian city of Kursk tonight, April 4th, explosions were heard and a fire broke out; air defense forces and resources are operating in the region. The cause is allegedly cited as a drone attack, according to the Telegram channel of Kursk region Governor Roman Starovoyt and local public sources.

Prior to the explosions in the city, the regional authorities announced the danger of drones in the area.

Subsequently, footage of the explosions in Kursk began to appear online. Public sources also reported a fire in the area near the Central Market of the city.

As stated by the governor of Kursk, air defense forces are operating in the city. Later, he reported the alleged downing of a drone and confirmed information about the fire.

"After the downing of the UAV, there is a fire in the area near the Central Market. Emergency services have been dispatched to the scene," the message by the Russian official reads.

Explosions in Kursk

Over the past few months, explosions in border regions of Russia have become more frequent, supposedly due to drone attacks. This has been observed in Kursk and the surrounding areas. Additionally, following the advance of Russian volunteers in March, shelling and fires are regularly reported in the Belgorod and Bryansk regions as well. Moreover, drone strikes on oil refineries have become more frequent.

Regarding the city of Kursk itself, local authorities had reported drone attacks just last night. This resulted in explosions and a massive fire in the city. The governor of the region claimed that offensive drones were shot down in the area.