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Explosions heard in Russian town of Engels

Explosions heard in Russian town of Engels Explosions were heard in the Russian town of Engels (Illustrative photo:GettyImages)

In Engels, explosions were heard during the night of March 20. Authorities claim that drones were allegedly shot down, according to the Telegram channel SHOT and the governor of the Saratov region, Roman Busargin.

According to a source, up to 4 explosions were heard. Preliminarily, it is claimed that the air defense system was operational.

"2 to 4 loud explosions were heard, causing windows to shake in their frames. According to preliminary data, the air defense system was activated. Residents of the city claim that before this, they heard a siren. There is no official information about casualties or damage," reports the SHOT channel.

Roman Busargin, Saratov region Governor, also reported on the alleged operation of the air defense system.

"Less than an hour ago, drones over Engels were eliminated. The air defense system worked timely and effective. There are no casualties or infrastructure damage from the falling debris," Busargin wrote.

In Engels, there is a military airbase where strategic long-range bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95MS are based, which have carried out strikes on Ukraine.

The air distance from the Engels airfield to the borders of Ukraine is 614 km.

Explosions heard in Russian town of Engels

Drone attack on Engels

This is not the first drone attack on the local airfield. In early January 2024, drones were also shot down, resulting in them falling on the base's territory.

Additionally, on December 5 and 26, 2022, there were explosions at the Engels airfield. It later became known that the airfield was attacked. As a result of the explosions at the Engels airfield, at least one Tu-95 strategic bomber was damaged.