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Explosions heard in Cherkasy region, air defense forces activated

Explosions heard in Cherkasy region, air defense forces activated In Cherkasy region, explosions occurred (photo:

Explosions have been reported in the Cherkasy region, with information indicating the operations of Ukrainian air defense forces, according to Ihor Taburtsya, the head of the Cherkasy Regional State Administration, and "Suspilne".

Earlier, in the Ukrainian Air Force, warnings were issued about the threat of the use of Shahed-type combat drones in the region.

Until the air raid alert is lifted, residents of the region are advised to remain in shelters or follow the two-wall rule.

Night attack on October 23

On the night of October 23, Russians launched attacks on Ukraine using missiles and kamikaze drones, leading to air raid alerts in some regions. Explosions were heard in Odessa and Kirovohrad regions, where air defense systems were activated.

Earlier in the evening, an enemy drone was detected in the Kyiv region, and it was intercepted by Ukrainian air defense systems.

In total, Russian forces carried out an attack on Ukraine using 13 Shahed kamikaze drones, one guided X-59 missile, and an unidentified type of drone. Ukrainian air defense forces successfully destroyed all airborne threats.