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Explosion in Sevastopol, probably on Kalibr carrier

Explosion in Sevastopol, probably on Kalibr carrier Russian missile carrier allegedly exploded in Sevastopol on October 13 (Photo: Getty Images)

A powerful explosion occurred in the occupied Sevastopol on Friday, October 13. A Russian missile carrier likely exploded, according to the Crimean Wind Telegram channel.

According to local citizens, a Russian ship exploded in the raid in Sevastopol. This happened after 10:30. It is reported that the explosion was felt even by residents of the center of the occupied Sevastopol.

"Residents of the city center felt a muffled explosion, car alarms went off," the report said.

Later, footage was published online showing a Russian ship on fire. It is assumed that a small missile ship of Project 21631 Buyan-M exploded near Sevastopol. It is a carrier of Kalibr cruise missiles.

Occupiers justify themselves

The so-called governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, claimed that the loud sounds were supposedly not an explosion on the ship but a training exercise of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. He claims that the occupiers are conducting training in anti-submarine and anti-sabotage support.

Situation in Crimea

Russian occupiers use the occupied Crimea for their military purposes. The occupiers transfer weapons and live forces to the front lines through the peninsula.

However, the situation has recently become dangerous for the occupiers in Crimea. Defense forces attack military bases, warehouses, airfields, and even bays where enemy ships are stationed. A striking example is the strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol.

Recently, a Russian Black Sea Fleet's ship, Pavel Derzhavin, exploded near Sevastopol.