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Experts explain reasons behind Poland-Ukraine border blockade, Russian hand not excluded

Experts explain reasons behind Poland-Ukraine border blockade, Russian hand not excluded Experts explain reasons behind Poland-Ukraine border blockade (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Russian intelligence is likely involved in the Polish blockade of the Ukraine border, as the reasons may be political, as the Director of the Institute of World Policy, Yevhen Magda, and the Doctor of Economic Sciences, Prof Oleksii Plotnikov, told RBC-Ukraine.

Magda believes that the situation on the Poland border could have arisen with the help of the Russian Federation's special services.

"I don't believe that an activist from the Confederation party (owner of one of the transport companies in Poland, Rafal Mekler) independently estimated the entire issue and prepared such a resonant action," he said.

The expert notes that Russia studies the legislation of Western countries to use it for its own purposes.

"This situation was carefully thought out and exploited the reluctance of the temporary-legitimate government of Morawiecki to intervene in the situation and resolve it effectively for the next government of Tusk," he believes.

Magda notes that the EU and NATO intelligence services should study possible Russian interference in the border blockade.

Political reason

Oleksii Plotnikov sees political reasons behind the blockade.

"The organizer of the action wanted to participate in a political struggle - either to support Morawiecki or to put under threat a new cabinet of ministers. Unlike the situation with grain, the transport blockade has a strong political background," the expert says.

In his opinion, after the government of Donald Tusk comes to power, political reasons will no longer be relevant. If economic problems arise, they will be resolved.

"Before the protests began, Ukrainian drivers did not provoke protests, although they may have engaged in transport dumping, making competition. I think that the issue with Poland will be resolved," he adds.

Poland's blockade of Ukraine border

A few weeks ago, Polish carriers blocked four checkpoints on the border with Ukraine for trucks, demanding that the European Union cancel the transport visa free entry. This blockade significantly affected Ukrainian exports, as carriers were passing only 1-2 trucks per hour.

Today, on December 1, Ukraine and Poland have agreed on measures for a partial unblocking of the border.