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European Parliament sets date for election of President of European Commission

European Parliament sets date for election of President of European Commission The current President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen (photo: Getty Images)

In the European Parliament, it is not ruled out that the election of the next President of the European Commission could take place on July 18, according to Politico.

The European Parliament’s top official, Alessandro Chiocchetti proposed this voting date during a lunch meeting with national ambassadors of EU member states.

Politico notes that the parliament is likely under pressure from national governments, demanding to expedite the process and stabilize the EU during geopolitical uncertainty and in the context of the upcoming US presidential election.

According to Politico's sources, a final decision has not yet been made. However, if the voting takes place in July, the chosen date will be Thursday, July 18, two days after the parliament elects its president. Chiocchetti confirmed that the voting is likely to take place in July.

In recent weeks, there have been debates about whether the parliament will attempt to hold the election in its first session in July or wait until the next official session in September.

The frontrunner in the race is the current President of the European Commission, German center-right politician Ursula von der Leyen, who is campaigning for another five-year term.

To secure this position, von der Leyen or another candidate must first gain the support of a qualified majority of EU leaders, followed by at least 361 out of 720 votes from Members of the European Parliament.

The parliament can vote only after the majority of the EU heads of state and government officially nominate a candidate. This process is expected to conclude at the European Council meeting on June 27 and 28, where the top positions are likely to be distributed among the EU's dominant political forces.

If the vote is to be put on the European Parliament’s agenda in July, the institution’s political group leaders will formally finalize it at a meeting on July 11.

A European Parliament spokesperson told Politico that no decision regarding the election date has yet been made.

Election of the President of the European Commission

The process of preparing for the European Parliament elections begins on July 6 in the European Union.

Russian Federation, Iran, and China may interfere in the EU citizens' voting process.

According to Politico, President of the European Council Charles Michel is reportedly attempting to obstruct Ursula von der Leyen's re-election as President of the European Commission for a second term.

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