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Michel tries to thwart Ursula von der Leyen's re-election as President of European Commission

Michel tries to thwart Ursula von der Leyen's re-election as President of European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

President of the European Council Charles Michel is allegedly trying to thwart Ursula von der Leyen's re-election for a second term as President of the European Commission, citing Politico.

Diplomats fear that Michel aims to oust von der Leyen at the end of their presidential duel and years-long rivalry, attempting to prevent a potential second term for the Commission's head.

"It is driving everyone crazy, because his game is so obvious: making von der Leyen stumble and dreaming of his own top job," said one EU official.

Behind the scenes, the power struggle between the two top officials of the European Union has been unfolding through canceled dinners and strategically planned off-the-record statements.

Some suggest that Michel is vying for the role of the head of the EU's foreign policy department, replacing Josep Borrell, with whom he has a good relationship. His strategy would be to call the heads of state individually rather than discussing top positions with everyone present, as traditionally happens when such deals are made, according to some of them.

European Parliament elections

On July 6, elections to the European Parliament will begin in the European Union. However, Russia is attempting to influence voters' decisions during the European elections. In particular, the Kremlin is using various types of propaganda and attempts to bribe European officials.

Recently, European Parliament President Roberta Metsola warned that Russia, China, and Iran might spread disinformation about the European Parliament elections.

In turn, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that the European Parliament elections are under threat of interference from Russia.