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European Parliament elections: Which parties are leading in Poland

European Parliament elections: Which parties are leading in Poland Photo: European Parliament elections in Poland (GettyImages)
Author: Daryna Vialko

According to the results of the European Parliament elections in Poland, the party of the current Prime Minister Donald Tusk narrowly surpassed the previous ruling party Law and Justice. The third place was taken by the far-right and anti-Ukrainian Confederation, according to Onet.

As reported by the agency, the results of the elections were announced on Monday morning. The Civic Coalition led by Tusk received 37.06% of the votes, potentially securing 21 seats, while the Law and Justice party received 36.16%.

Meanwhile, the far-right anti-Ukrainian Confederation came in third, garnering 12.08% of the votes and the right to take six seats in the European Parliament.

It is noted that the voter turnout was 40.65%.

In the next European Parliament term, Poland will have a total of 53 seats.

European Parliament elections

It should be noted that the European Parliament elections took place across the EU from June 6 to June 9.

The new European Parliament term is expected to begin on July 11. Initially, the Members of the European Parliament will appoint the President of the European Parliament. It is likely that Roberta Metsola will be re-elected to this position.

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