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European Parliament calls election in RF 'farcical performance'

European Parliament calls election in RF 'farcical performance' Archive photo: Vladimir Putin (Getty Images)

Members of the European Union and the international community should not recognize the results of the elections in Russia, where dictator Vladimir Putin declared himself the "winner," according to the European Parliament's page.

The reason for this was the fact that the Russians held these elections in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Moreover, the electoral process within the Russian Federation was neither free nor fair.

"This farcical performance by the Russian authorities had the single goal of creating the appearance of electoral legitimacy for Vladimir Putin, his policy of relentless domestic repression and, most of all, for the war of aggression against Ukraine," the deputies stated.

The European Parliament also expressed regret that the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, decided to deviate from the EU position and congratulate Vladimir Putin on his fictitious re-election. Deputies urged EU members to limit relations with Putin.

Presidential elections in Russia

In March, Russia held the so-called presidential elections, where Vladimir Putin was expectedly declared the "winner." According to Russian laws, he will be able to rule the country until 2030.

In Ukraine, it was stated that the so-called elections in the occupied territories are illegal and have no legal basis.

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