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EU Parliament members call on leaders to strip Hungary of voting rights

EU Parliament members call on leaders to strip Hungary of voting rights Some MEPs have called on EU leaders to strip Hungary of its vote (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

MEPs discussed the extraordinary summit to be held on February 1 and called on EU leaders to strip Hungary of its voting rights, according to the European Parliament's press service.

During the meeting, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen emphasized the crucial role of the EU in the world "in an era of confrontation and conflict, of fragmentation and fear." She praised the pacts on migration and asylum adopted by the bloc, as well as the start of accession negotiations with Ukraine. In particular, she emphasized the commitment to the enlargement policy.

"She also stressed the need to revise the EU budget to ensure continued substantial and sustainable support for Ukraine," the press service writes.

Several MEPs praised the European Council's decision to enlarge the EU, as well as the opening of accession talks with Ukraine. At the same time, they were disappointed by the failure to agree on a long-term review of the EU budget and additional support for Kyiv.

"The European Council must, they said, deliver and be ready to consider all possible options, hinting at the possibility of enhanced cooperation or advancing with the Article 7 procedure to strip Hungary of its voting rights," the press service adds.

Many MEPs called on EU leaders not to succumb to Hungary's blackmail and to respond to the parliament's requests regarding Article 7. They also emphasized the need to maintain open communication with Hungary and listen to its concerns.

"Some speakers also wanted a revival of the idea of a European Defence Union to be ready to stand against Putin. Others raised the need to avoid austerity measures and provide more EU funds for social and environmental causes," the press service writes.

Depriving Hungary of its voting rights

At the December 14-15 summit of EU leaders, Hungary blocked the decision to allocate €50 billion to Ukraine for 2024-2027. The issue of aid to Kyiv will be considered again at the EU summit on February 1. But Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban threatens to block it. He is demanding concessions from the EU in exchange for approving the package.

Against this backdrop, the European Parliament initiated a petition to deprive Hungary of its voting rights in the EU Council. Four days later, it became known that the required number of signatures had been collected. The European Parliament will consider the deprivation of Hungary's voting rights today, January 18.