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EU overtakes United States in financial aid to Ukraine

EU overtakes United States in financial aid to Ukraine The EU has provided $27.5 billion in aid to Ukraine (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Since the onset of the war, Ukraine has received a staggering $85.353 billion in budgetary support from international partners, including a hefty $11.780 billion injection since the start of 2024 alone, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance.

The lion's share of assistance has come from the European Union, totaling $27.471 billion, with the United States following closely behind, providing $22.930 billion.

In the early months of 2024, the EU contributed $6.484 billion to Ukraine, while there was a notable absence of aid from the United States.

The European Union has outstripped the United States in financial support to Ukraine.

Assistance in 2024

The National Bank of Ukraine asserts that the country can count on $38 billion in external budgetary aid this year, prompting the central bank to revise its forecast for international reserves upwards.

The EU has already disbursed €6 billion to Ukraine under the Ukraine Facility program. Ukraine anticipates receiving €16 billion from the EU this year.

Additionally, this week, the United States approved a $60.8 billion aid package for Ukraine, with $8 billion earmarked for financial assistance.