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EU may postpone Ukraine's accession talks to March because of Hungary

EU may postpone Ukraine's accession talks to March because of Hungary EU may postpone Ukraine's accession talks to March because of Hungary (flick com libereurope)
Author: Maria Kholina

The start of negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the European Union may be delayed until March 2024, and the reason behind this potential delay is Hungary's stance, according to Euractiv.

Several issues related to Ukraine will be discussed at the EU leaders' summit on December 14-15. The first among them is the commencement of negotiations on EU accession, along with the provision of 50 billion euros in economic support and an additional allocation of 20 billion euros for the Ukrainian army. A new package of sanctions against Russia is on the agenda as well.

Also, securing new financial assistance from Europe is crucial, given the challenges in coordinating funding in the United States.

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban has already declared his intention to block the Ukraine-related matters. He is demanding a strategic discussion from the EU regarding support for Kyiv.

European diplomats believe that Orban supported the applications of Georgia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina for EU membership, but these efforts will fail if Hungary vetoes Ukraine.

High-ranking EU diplomats, commenting to Euractiv, said that in case Hungary blocks support for Ukraine, the start of accession negotiations could be postponed to March under final conditions. Some are concerned that this time, the Hungarian leader may not be persuaded.

EU leaders summit

The EU leaders' summit is scheduled for December 14-15. European leaders will decide on the prospects of integration for Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia.

According to media reports, Hungary will block anything related to supporting Ukraine. Therefore, the summit may extend until December 16. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, currently in Argentina, managed to communicate with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on the eve of the EU leaders' summit.

EU High Representative Josep Borrell stated that foreign ministers of European countries would discuss security guarantees for Ukraine at today's EU Council meeting. Possible options will also be presented to the summit of European leaders.