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EU fears that Trump's return to power could collapse NATO - NYT

EU fears that Trump's return to power could collapse NATO - NYT Photo: former US President Donald Trump (Getty Images)

Several European officials have stated that there is growing concern among the governments of their countries regarding the upcoming US elections. This is because the return of former US President Donald Trump to office may not only signal a shift in support for Ukraine but also pose a threat to assistance for other nations, according to The New York Times.

According to officials with whom The New York Times journalists managed to speak, the return of Trump could signify not only a withdrawal of support for Ukraine but also the "distancing of the United States from Europe and the dismantling of NATO."

"There is a great fear in Europe that Trump's second presidency will effectively lead to the United States leaving NATO," said former Supreme Allied Commander of the United States European Command James Stavridis.

According to the publication, European ambassadors and representatives of analytical centers are making secret visits to Trump's allies to find out about his intentions.

Presidential Elections in the USA

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, stated that he probably would not have run for a second presidential term if Donald Trump did not have a chance to lead the country again.

The incumbent White House Chief, Joe Biden, has repeatedly warned that Donald Trump poses a threat to democracy, and a second term for the Republican could open an unprecedented and dangerous era of American autocracy.

At the same time, former President of the United States Donald Trump promises not to be a dictator if re-elected to the position of White House head. However, there is an exception.

It should be noted that the next presidential elections in the USA are scheduled for November 5, 2024.