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Energy vampires: Zodiac signs manipulating emotions

Energy vampires: Zodiac signs manipulating emotions Manipulators according to the sign of the Zodiac (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

Representatives of some zodiac signs often have a knack for playing on the emotions of those around them. Like energy vampires, they "feed" on emotions and can be manipulative, according to Astrofame.


Individuals born under this zodiac sign are endowed with energy and passion that can overwhelm those around them. Scorpios are considered possessive and manipulative, making relationships with them challenging. However, they readily abandon cunning games and emotional traps when they find someone they can trust.


People born under this sign can be very sensitive and receptive, absorbing the emotions of those around them like a sponge. When they feel the need to escape reality, they may start playing with the feelings of others, sometimes unintentionally. This often leads to conflicts, but if Pisces show patience, they can build a strong bond without resorting to manipulation.


They are bold and confident but crave excitement and attention from those around them. Sometimes it may seem that Leos are generous and loving, but their desire for adventure and power often clouds their judgment, leading them to play on the emotions of others. Representatives of this zodiac sign only calm down and refrain from intrigue when they feel loved.


Representatives of this zodiac sign are known for their dual nature. They easily adapt to circumstances but often evade responsibility and play on emotions. Geminis can become energy vampires, but their character can be appeased by trusting relationships without hints of betrayal.

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