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Egyptian air defense system shot down two drones

Egyptian air defense system shot down two drones The Egyptian air defense system shot down two drones (photo: Getty Images)

Egypt's air defense forces have reportedly shot down two unidentified drones over the northeastern region of the Sinai Peninsula, according to Reuters.

The drones were reportedly flying from the southern part of the Red Sea in a northward direction. One UAV was shot down outside of Egypt's airspace, near the city of Nuweiba, and the other one crashed in the city of Taba.

In response to the incident, Egyptian authorities have initiated an investigation, and the country's air defense and air defense forces have increased efforts to secure Egypt's airspace.

The drone incidents in Egypt

Earlier, it was reported that amid the clashes between HAMAS and Israel, explosions occurred on October 27 in two Egyptian resort cities. Six casualties have been confirmed.

According to Colonel Garib Abdel-Hafez, a representative of the Egyptian army, an unidentified drone entered a building adjacent to a hospital in the city of Taba early in the morning. Taba is located on the border with Israel.

Taba and Nuweiba, both situated in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, are popular resort cities.