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Effects of prolonged lack of showering: Insights from dermatologists

Effects of prolonged lack of showering: Insights from dermatologists Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

The lack of electricity and water can prevent people from being able to wash themselves. It's important to know how critical it is for the body if a person goes without bathing for an extended period of time, according to the website Best Life Online.

What happens to the body if you don't shower for a long time?

Doctor James Hamblin explained that daily bathing is necessary for basic hygiene.

Bacteria buildup on the skin may occur

Dermatologist Dustin Portela noted that the absence of showers can lead to a buildup of bacteria on your skin.

"Our skin has a rich complement of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that live on the surface, and the things you do to your skin impact this microbiome daily," he added.

It's quite possible that you may have an increased risk of skin infections if you get cuts or scratches.

Hair loss may occur

Skin care expert Simran Sethi says that the absence of showers can affect the scalp and even cause hair loss.

"Oil, dirt, and debris are the perfect environment for fungal growth. Washing too infrequently will increase fungal infections on the scalp—and fungal scalp infections will eventually cause hair loss," the expert added.

He notes that the scalp is not the only concern; in areas like the armpits, sweat and bacteria can lead to fungal infections, which will then begin to spread throughout the body.

Skipping showers will leave excess oil and dead skin remnants on the skin, which can easily clog follicles and promote ingrown hairs.

Unpleasant body odor

If you skip showering once, it's unlikely that unpleasant odor will occur.

However, if you don't shower for a week, avoiding unpleasant odor is inevitable.

The time it takes to reach this state may vary for each individual. Some people may notice odor within a few days or weeks before the situation normalizes.

How often to shower

Dermatologists say that daily showers can be harmful.

Normal, healthy skin maintains a natural balance. Daily washing and scrubbing can lead to loss of essential skin moisture, especially if you enjoy hot showers.

The skin can become dry, irritated, or itchy. And a dry, cracked epidermis loses immunity, allowing bacteria and allergens to breach the barrier that prevents infections and allergic reactions.

The body requires the same regular care as facial skin: daily cleansing is the best way to keep it healthy.

But our immune system requires some stimulation by those microorganisms that are usually present and do not cause illness under normal circumstances - normal flora, in order to produce protective antibodies and immune memory.

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