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Effective tips to help save your favorite clothes from pilling

Effective tips to help save your favorite clothes from pilling How to get rid of pilling on your favorite clothes (photo: Freepik)

Each of us has encountered the problem of pilling on clothes at least once, especially on sweaters or favorite pants. And this phenomenon certainly ruins the appearance and people's impressions of you.

Regarding how to save your favorite clothes from pilling, with a reference to the Telegram channel of stylist Eliz Gan Pocket Stylist.

How pilling affects your image

It might seem like such a trivial thing that is nearly impossible for others to notice, but that's not entirely true. Pilling is a real enemy that acts as a destructive force for any style.

And there can be many reasons, so it's worth loving and taking care of your clothes no less than, for example, your gadgets.

The first reason: they add untidiness to any garment and outfit, even if it's socks that no one sees.

The second reason: it's hard to trust and have confidence in a person who appears unkempt, and if basic clothing care poses difficulties, it may cast doubt on your reliability. Thus, you could jeopardize your reputation.

The third reason: just the thought that your garment is not in order can undermine your confidence.

The fourth reason: we all know that a lack of confidence manifests not only in decisiveness but also in the overall sense of self.

The fifth reason: every respectable woman always takes care of her appearance and will not show disrespect to herself in the form of fabric pills on her clothes.

The sixth reason: well-groomed items are a guarantee of a good and attractive look. Image and style are manifested not only in beautiful clothes but also in well-maintained ones, ready to face the world at any moment.

If you treat your belongings and wardrobe with respect and care, your items will not only help maintain your personal style but will also faithfully serve you for a long time. You will be able to enjoy your favorite clothes and their good condition for many years with joy.

Дієві поради, які допоможуть врятувати улюблений одяг від катишок

How to remove pills from clothing (photo: Freepik)

How to get rid of pilling on your favorite clothes

  • Conduct a wardrobe revision at least once per season. Review each item and remove those that have lost their presentability.

  • You can eliminate pilling on your own. To do this, take a special fabric shaver or a lint remover. Alternatively, you can take the garment to a dry cleaner or for restoration.

  • If your item is beyond restoration, it's better to replace it. Purchase the same item or choose a similar model. The key is not to keep a piece that damages your image just because it's a favorite.

  • Choose items made of high-quality materials. This significantly extends the lifespan of your clothing.