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Effective lifehacks to save your figure

Effective lifehacks to save your figure How to lose weight without stress (photo:

In January, many people start going on diets to lose weight by spring and shed the extra pounds gained during the holidays and overeating. However, it often happens that people feel the urge to snack and give in to the temptation, hindering their weight loss goals. Nevertheless, Dr. Caitlin Woolley from Cornell University has outlined three life hacks to help people stay on track.

How to lose weight without succumbing to snacks, according to The Sun.

Think positively. The expert advises focusing not on restricting yourself and eating something tasteless but healthy. Think about rewarding yourself and not having to do only what you don't like. When you start giving yourself choices, the desire to snack should disappear.

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How to lose weight without setbacks (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

Evaluate the results of impulsive setbacks. There's no need to make up consequences in the long run; think about what a setback or snack will bring you right now. If you want to drink a sweet energy drink, the warning about future problems with blood pressure won't stop you. But if you realize that your head will start hurting in a few hours, it will give you a chance to think about whether it's worth indulging in something unhealthy.

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These tips will help you forget about sudden snacks (photo:

Create a reward plan for yourself. If you start regularly rewarding yourself with something small but enjoyable, the desire for impromptu feasts will disappear. There's no need to think that you have to earn a reward, as this mindset only leads to stress and setbacks.

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