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How to get back in shape after holidays: Dietitian's advice

How to get back in shape after holidays: Dietitian's advice RBC-Ukraine collage
Author: Maria Kholina

After Christma and New Year, and all the feasts, many people contemplate getting on mono-diets or "hungry days." Is it worth doing?

Dietitian Snizhana Voroshylova from Kyiv explains more about it.

People think about diets in a few cases:

When the holidays were prolonged, and one gained a few extra kilograms.

When a person has excessively restricted themselves for a long time before the holidays, like a coiled spring. Then the spring is released, and food consumption becomes excessive.

There is also a desire to quickly get rid of the consequences of giving into overeating, but the situation closely resembles a disruption in eating behavior.

"Both cases are a classic pattern of overeating, followed by weight gain and a desire to lose weight. Only the reasons are different," wrote Voroshilova.

The dietitian explained that during "hungry days," it's not weight that goes away but water. You cannot lose one kilogram per day.

Getting back in shape without harming one's health

  • If you had a late dinner the night before, you probably won't feel like having breakfast. Don't force yourself, wait until you're hungry.
  • Your main task is to return to your routine and habits, which include exercise, sleep, nutrition, and water.
  • If you consumed a lot of meat, you can have vegetarian days.
  • A slight energy value deficit in the diet could work (light dinner during the week, regular meals throughout the day).

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