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Earthquake in Romania was felt in Ukraine

Earthquake in Romania was felt in Ukraine An earthquake was recorded in Romania on the night of December 4 (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

On the night of December 4, a magnitude 4.6 earthquake was recorded in Romania. Residents of the Ukrainian border town of Izmail reportedly felt the vibrations as well, according to the Main Center for Special Monitoring of Ukraine.

The epicenter of the earthquake is located in Romania, in the Vrancea Mountains region, 134 km from the border with Ukraine, at a depth of 142 km.

"The earthquake poses no threat to the population of Ukraine. Vibrations may only be felt by those in a calm state inside buildings, especially on upper floors," the statement said.

У Румунії зафіксований землетрус, який відчули і в Україні

Meanwhile, reports from the media indicate that the earthquake was felt in the Ukrainian city of Izmail on the border with Romania.

The last earthquake from the Vrancea Mountains region was recorded on November 26, 2023, with a magnitude of 4.2 on the Richter scale.

The Vrancea zone generates strong earthquakes felt in Ukraine. This zone is part of the same seismically active belt that formed due to the Eurasian continental plate, extending from the Azores Islands through the Mediterranean Sea, passing through the Vrancea zone, reaching Türkiye, the Caucasus, and continuing where it splits into two belts - one heading south and the other towards Kamchatka.