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Duda's fresh remarks following Crimea statements

Duda's fresh remarks following Crimea statements Photo: Polish President Andrzej Duda (Getty Images)

President of Poland Andrzej Duda made a new statement following his comments on the deoccupation of Crimea. He assured on Twitter (X) that he supports Ukraine in the aggressive war initiated by Russia.

"My actions and stance regarding Russia's brutal aggression against Ukraine have been clear from day one: Russia violates international law, is an aggressor, and an occupier. Russia's attack on Ukraine and the occupation of internationally recognized territories, including Crimea, is a crime," noted the Polish president.

Duda added that the war cannot end with Russia's victory, and Moscow's imperialism must be halted, defeated, and blocked for the future.

"Ukraine must win because the free world must win this war. We all stand shoulder to shoulder for a free, sovereign, and independent Ukraine, against aggression and cruel imperialism," he emphasized.

Duda's statement about Crimea

President Duda stated that he is uncertain whether Ukraine can deoccupy Crimea. However, he believes Ukraine will be able to regain Donetsk and Luhansk. Duda referred to Crimea as a "special place," including for historical reasons.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Vasyl Zvarych emphasized that Crimea is Ukraine's territory, and the deoccupation of the peninsula is a "shared task and obligation to the free world."