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Drones from Ukraine: Types of UAVs already produced

Drones from Ukraine: Types of UAVs already produced Drones from Ukraine (photo: Getty Images)

Ukraine has now established production of a fairly large line of drones. In total, 56 domestic manufacturers have already put their products into service, states Deputy Minister for Strategic Industries Hanna Hvozdiar.

According to the official, among the drones that can already be produced in the country are, in particular, UAVs for dropping ammunition.

"These are FPV drones of different ranges, different purposes because we are also expanding the production line of FPV drones, these are kamikaze drones - those drones that fly one way," she said.

The representative of the Ministry of Strategic Industries noted that these categories of UAVs "are the main ones."

Hvozdiar said that the system of approval for operation has been significantly simplified, and many manufacturers have taken advantage of it.

"Already 56 companies have their products officially put into service. Other manufacturers are also moving in this direction," the official said.

In addition, conditions have been created for the development and profit of manufacturing companies.

"Because almost all companies that produce drones today are investing in development. It seems to me that it was a pretty good decision - 25% of the profit for manufacturers. And this is what will give us significant volume growth next year," the Deputy Minister said.

She added that in 2024, the department is planning "many opportunities". These include lending, simplification of certain procedures, changes to legislation, etc.

Drone production in Ukraine

Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said during a press conference that the country plans to produce one million drones in 2024.

Later, the Minister for Strategic Industries Oleksandr Kamyshin clarified that it was only about FPV drones. According to the official, factories in Ukraine are ready to produce ammunition for a million drones, which are planned to be handed over to Ukrainian defenders in 2024.

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