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Drone attacks reported in Kursk region

Drone attacks reported in Kursk region

In the Kursk region of the Russian Federation, explosions were heard and there was sustained activity of air defense forces and equipment in several areas during the night of July 1st, reportedly due to a drone attack, according to statements from Kursk region governor Alexei Smirnov and local sources.

According to the Russian official, seven aircraft-type drones were reportedly eliminated in the region. Governor's reports indicate that drones were shot down in the Fatezhsky, Konyshyovsky, Kurchatovsky, and Kursky districts of the region.

In response to the aerial attack, the Russian side traditionally accuses Ukraine. The official statement does not mention the potential consequences of the drone attacks in the region.

Earlier, footage purportedly showing drone flights and reports of loud explosions were published on Kursk Telegram channels. It was also noted that over 20 drones were reportedly spotted in the region.

Additionally, reports from these channels suggested that drones flew through Kursk and were allegedly heading further, possibly towards Lipetsk, Voronezh, or other destinations.

Drone attacks in the Kursk region

This Russian region has seen repeated claims of drone air attacks and incidents of explosions and fires as a result of such strikes.

For instance, just last night, reports emerged of drone raids in the Kursk region. The Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country reported the alleged downing of 15 drones in this region.

In mid-June, there were also reports of explosions in the Kursk region due to drone attacks. In April, the Russian side claimed that the Mikhailovsky Mining and Processing Plant in the region was targeted. Notably, in early March, a fire occurred at this facility, which Russia attributed to an attack by Ukraine.