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Drama kings and queens: Zodiac signs stirring controversy

Drama kings and queens: Zodiac signs stirring controversy What signs of the zodiac quarrel over trifles (illustration:

Representatives of four zodiac signs are most likely to stir up scandals out of nowhere. It's challenging to reconcile with them if they're not willing to. Which zodiac signs are constantly in conflict, reports Collective World.


Representatives of this zodiac sign are incredibly emotional. They seem to love drama, as they can blow things out of proportion and enjoy gossip. However, when Pisces strive for something and create a scandal, they may regret it. They try to support those who get into trouble due to their quarrels.


Many think that Cancers are cold and indifferent, but that's not true. They can fly into a frenzy over any little thing, though they'll try to hide it until the last moment. When their patience runs out, representatives of this zodiac sign stage a real show, where they become the main characters, scandalous and unsure of themselves.


People of this zodiac sign are considered the biggest drama fans. Leos are the kings and queens of tragedies, often exaggerated to the maximum. They find it difficult to control their emotions, so they quickly "ignite," starting scandals. And everyone around them feels the heat.


Those born under this zodiac sign love communication and large companies. But they are even more interested in gossip and all secrets. Geminis try to sniff out as much as possible and then barely keep all the information secret. This often leads to loud scandals.

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