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Dragon to bring long-awaited changes: Which zodiac signs can expect news after February 10

Dragon to bring long-awaited changes: Which zodiac signs can expect news after February 10 For these zodiac signs, life will change from February 10 (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

The horoscope for the beginning of the year according to the Eastern calendar will tell who the Dragon will bring long-awaited news and changes to life. The New Year according to the Eastern calendar will begin on February 10, which means that changes will start very soon.

For whom among the zodiac signs an important and joyful period in life will soon begin, according to Sante.


A decisive moment is approaching in your life. Difficult decisions may need to be made, but they bring hidden blessings. Prepare with gratitude to accept the gifts that destiny has prepared for you.

From this moment on, every step you take will be guided by a lucky star, promising rapid advancement in your financial affairs. However, wisdom lies in restraint: keep your plans and achievements close to you, as strength often comes with caution. Your growing success requires balance and emotional control.


A year of peace and stability awaits you. It's time to take the reins of power into your own hands and steer your destiny towards shining horizons. Obstacles and difficulties that once seemed insurmountable will disappear, leaving a clear path to success.

You'll find that failure no longer affects you in the same way because you've turned it into valuable lessons. Take care of your health and heed the advice of the stars; it's the foundation upon which your promising future rests.


You are at the center of a whirlwind of positive changes. The foundation you are laying now will contribute to your future prosperity. Unexpected opportunities for financial growth may arise, possibly in the form of new sources of income.

Travel will become a constant theme, opening up new experiences and perspectives for you. The support of cosmic forces is with you, bringing long-awaited stability into your life. This period is marked by the promise of a bright future created by your own hands.

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