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Doctor named the most dangerous and harmful exercise many do at home

Doctor named the most dangerous and harmful exercise many do at home The most harmful exercise has been named (photo:

We often do physical exercises at home to keep our bodies in good shape, to lose weight, or just for the sake of regular exercise. And sometimes these exercises can be very harmful, informs Dr. Yurii Gaborets.

According to the experts, any exercise can be harmful if done incorrectly. This is especially true with weights. He reminds us that all exercises must be done correctly, otherwise, they can be very harmful.

"Remember: everything is medicine, everything is poison. It all depends on how you use it. For example, if you do the deadlift incorrectly, you will get a hernia. A big amplitude will tear muscles and tendons. If you do it correctly, you will only benefit," emphasizes Yurii Gaborets.

He also noted that the most harmful exercise can be the one you start without preparation - the maximum amplitude without warming up. These are reverse push-ups, body lifts, and hanging head down.

"The most harmful thing is what makes your eyes dark. Always consult with professionals on how to do things correctly, and you will have minimal injury and maximum benefit," says the doctor.

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