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Doctor gives clear answer on which is healthier - apple or pear

Doctor gives clear answer on which is healthier - apple or pear Which fruit is healthier - apple or pear (

Apples and pears are very healthy fruits that can be bought almost year-round. While apples are affordable even in winter, the price of pears increases several times. However, apples are healthier than pears, says doctor Yuriy Gaborets.

They contain pectin, which aids the liver, stomach, and pancreas. Apples are rich in vitamins, including B and C groups, beneficial acids, and phytoncides. Therefore, consuming apples daily is beneficial for your body.

However, pears also have their health benefits. Eating them every day can be expected to have an oncoprotective effect. Pears normalize the functioning of the intestines and help blood vessels. Although pears contain a lot of sugar, they are also rich in folic acid and potassium, making them very beneficial for men.

It's important not to consume apples and pears on an empty stomach or for those with diabetes. For children, it's recommended to grate and give apples and pears as puree.

"Consume seasonal apples and pears. The fresher, the more vitamins they contain. Always make the right choice!" advises the doctor.

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