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Diplomat assesses Latin America's potential to prevent Venezuela's aggression

Diplomat assesses Latin America's potential to prevent Venezuela's aggression Photo: President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro (Getty Images)

Countries in Latin America are often seen as great pacifists who adhere to the principles of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other nations, says the special representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in Latin America, Ruslan Spirin.

According to him, Latin American countries typically address all problematic issues through international mechanisms and organizations.

Spirin noted that, as a rule, almost all countries in Latin America are peaceful nations, members of the United Nations, and adhere to the principles of international law.

"Those who violate the basic principles of the UN do not enjoy the support of Latin American countries. Currently, there is no information that anyone in Latin America supports Venezuela's actions aimed at escalating the conflict," emphasized the expert.

The diplomat informed that Ukraine, in turn, has emphasized the need to implement the legally binding decisions of the International Court of Justice in the case "Guyana vs. Venezuela."

The order requires Venezuela to refrain from any actions that would change the situation in the Essequibo region, and both parties to refrain from any actions that could worsen or expand the dispute or make its resolution more difficult.

"The resolution of any disputed issues and differences should only take place based on mechanisms provided for by international law, in accordance with the purposes and principles defined in the UN Charter," said Spirin.

According to him, it should be understood that countries in the region will seek to prevent an armed conflict and resolve the situation with the involvement of UN capabilities.

"But we also have to consider that Russia's unpunished aggression against Ukraine encourages the resolution of disputes by force. It is critically important now for the region to demonstrate leadership and not allow the disagreement to escalate into a conflict," emphasized the diplomat.

Conflict between Venezuela and Guyana

On December 3, Venezuela conducted a referendum on the annexation of a part of neighboring Guyana. According to the authorities, voter turnout was reported at 50%, with results reaching 95%. However, there were no visible queues or a mass influx of people at the polling stations.

Following the illegal referendum, Venezuela declared the annexation of Guyana's territory and mobilized its army.

Earlier, it was reported that Brazil strengthened its border in response to territorial disputes between its neighbors, Guyana and Venezuela.