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Dietitian shares life hack that will help you lose weight faster

Dietitian shares life hack that will help you lose weight faster What fruits to eat to lose weight (photo: Freepik)

Before the start of summer, everyone is trying to shed extra pounds. A Ukrainian dietitian, Natalia Samoylenko, has advised paying attention to the calorie content of fruits and choosing the right ones that won't harm your figure.

How to properly consume fruits during a diet

An expert shared a life hack for those on a diet. The essence is not to pay attention to the calorie content of fruits.

According to the dietitian, the issue is not about calories but about the ability to raise insulin levels in the blood. This means that fruits should be chosen with low glycemic and insulin indexes - these two figures are more important than calories.

In particular, berries are the most effective in helping with weight loss, as they keep insulin under control.

Portions of 200-300 grams in the first half of the day will be sufficient. The ideal time is the second breakfast.

List of fruits


The glycemic index of an average peach is about 42, which doesn't spike blood sugar and insulin levels. Moreover, peaches are rich in healthful nutrients like potassium, fiber, vitamins A and C, helping to keep you feeling full for longer.


With a very low glycemic index of just 25, cherries don't cause rapid spikes in blood sugar levels. They also contain a large amount of antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber, which slow down sugar metabolism and prevent blood sugar spikes.


In addition to fiber and antioxidants, plums contain 15 different vitamins and minerals. Their glycemic index is 40.


Even less sweet varieties have a low glycemic load and are suitable for diabetics. Apples are also rich in essential vitamins and minerals, as well as plenty of fiber, which slows down sugar absorption.

The fruit with the lowest glycemic index is avocado - thanks to its high fiber content and healthy fats, its GI is 10 units. Following closely are lemon - 20 units, as well as blackcurrant, cherry, and blackberry - 25 units. Watermelon and grapes, however, are around 70-75.

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