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Dietitian names three habits that provoke overeating

Dietitian names three habits that provoke overeating What habits provoke eating more (photo: Freepik)

Everyone goes through periods when we eat a lot for reasons that aren't immediately obvious. Some people are interested in this, while others are not. However, there are key reasons for such eating behavior.

More details on this are provided by Ukrainian expert Yulia Bila.

What habits provoke a person to eat more

Sometimes we don't even notice how we start eating more, and then it results in extra kilograms and favorite clothes becoming too tight. But the reason is still not found.

But it's actually very simple because you just shouldn't eat at certain intervals, when you, for example, do something, as the body takes in calories, stores them, but doesn't get a feeling of fullness.

Yulia highlighted three main and most common reasons why we start eating more.

Дієтолог назвала три звички, які провокують більше їсти

What habits provoke eating more (Photo: Freepik)

Quickly losing weight before a holiday or important event

Rapid starvation is stressful for the body, and after returning to a normal eating routine, inevitable binge eating and a few extra kilograms follow.

Eating while preparing food

This habit leads to exceeding the daily calorie intake, and extra weight is not far away.

Watching something while eating

With the accompaniment of a television or a favorite program on YouTube, you'll consume much more because your focus will be on external factors rather than what's on your plate.