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Destiny to bring extraordinary romance to these zodiac signs

Destiny to bring extraordinary romance to these zodiac signs Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

By the end of this week, representatives of three zodiac signs will be able to enjoy romantic adventures. Destiny will grant them incredible love. Someone will meet their significant other, while others will be able to take their relationship with a partner to a new level, according to Your Tango.


You might have decided not to rush into love or have experienced a broken heart. If so, this week will give you faith in miracles. You will realize that giving up on love is not worth it, as it can bring happiness. Destiny has decided to give you a chance to forget the negativity. Dive into the ocean of love and don't be afraid; no one will hurt you anymore. If you already have a significant other, be sure to express your feelings, and you will see how romance returns to your life.


Romantic love awaits you, like something from a romantic movie but with a very happy ending. You will feel as if you're floating like a butterfly. From happiness, you'll want to sing and dance; nothing will spoil your story. The person you've been waiting for may come into your life. Open your heart and trust destiny. It's time to forget about old grievances and start anew. You will be able to revive, like a phoenix.


Get ready because you are the main target for Cupid. The arrow of love will catch up with you by the end of this week. You will feel butterflies in your stomach and understand what romance and passion truly mean. Surrender to love and don't think about what others will say. Mutual feelings, trust, respect, and warm emotions – that's what you've been missing. So, enjoy the gift from destiny, and don't burden your mind with unnecessary thoughts.

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