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Woman files lawsuit against dentist for excessive treatment causing disfigurement

Woman files lawsuit against dentist for excessive treatment causing disfigurement Photo: Woman files lawsuit against dentist, alleges multiple procedures in a single visit (GettyImages)

A Minnesota woman, Kathleen Wilson, has filed a malpractice lawsuit against Dr Kevin Molldrem and Molldrem Family Dentistry, alleging that excessive dental procedures and anesthesia during a single appointment left her disfigured. She is seeking damages over $50,000 for the injuries and pain caused, according to CNN.

The lawsuit claims that in July 2020, Molldrem performed extensive dental work on Wilson in one visit, including eight crowns, four root canals, and 20 fillings. It also alleges that he administered an excessive amount of anesthesia, nearly double the maximum recommended dosage.

Wilson's attorney has enlisted Dr. Avrum Goldstein as an expert witness, whose report criticizes the quantity of work done in one session and the anesthesia dosage as unsafe and negligent.

Goldstein's report indicated that the maximum recommended anesthetic dosage should be 490 mg. However, Molldrem administered 960 mg to Wilson, as Molldrem's anesthesia records showed.

The American Dental Association did not comment on the specific case but referred inquiries to anesthesia societies.

Dental malpractice

Wilson's ordeal began with her visit to Molldrem Family Dentistry, where she underwent numerous dental procedures in a single session, leading to her current condition.

The background of the case includes an assessment by Goldstein, who confirmed that while Wilson's dental decay diagnosis was accurate, the treatment approach by Molldrem was inappropriate and hazardous.

This lawsuit reflects the critical importance of appropriate medical procedures and dosages in healthcare, with the ongoing legal process aiming to address the alleged malpractice and its impact on Wilson's life.

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