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Denmark proposes prison sentences for Quran burning

Denmark proposes prison sentences for Quran burning Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

The Danish government intends to introduce a law that criminalizes the burning of the Quran in the country. Individuals could face up to two years of imprisonment for this offense, according to Denmark's Minister of Justice, Peter Hummelgaard, cited by Reuters.

"The government will propose legislation that prohibits the inappropriate handling of objects with essential religious significance for a religious community," Justice Minister Peter Hummelgaard stated.

The minister added that burning the Quran, Bible, or Torah would become illegal.

The government also rejected protests from some opposition parties in Denmark that claimed that the Quran burning ban would infringe on freedom of speech.

"I fundamentally believe that there are more civilized ways to express one's point of view than burning things," Hummelgaard said.

Quran burning in Denmark and Sweden

In recent weeks, there have been several protest actions in Denmark and Sweden during which the Quran was burned or otherwise desecrated. This has led to tensions in the countries' relations with the Muslim world.

Scandinavian countries expressed regret over these incidents but stated that they cannot prevent them according to constitutional laws protecting freedom of speech. However, the governments of both nations stated that they are exploring legislative restrictions that would prevent such actions by demonstrators.

Recently, it was reported that border controls between Denmark and Germany, as well as between Denmark and Sweden, would be strengthened due to threats associated with recent demonstrations in Copenhagen where protesters burned the Quran.