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Democrats hope Biden will drop out of election by Friday

Democrats hope Biden will drop out of election by Friday US President Joe Biden (photo: Getty Images)

Every day, more and more Democrats in the United States want current US President Joe Biden to withdraw from the race for the presidency, reports Axios.

According to the newspaper, while Biden, supported by First Lady Jill Biden and his convicted son Hunter, says that nothing but God's providence will convince him to stop his campaign, Democrats have other plans.

Thus, a rapidly growing number of Democrats want everyone from former US President Barack Obama to congressional leaders to "beg" Biden to drop out of the race by this Friday.

Elections in the United States

The US will hold presidential elections this year. Currently, the main candidates for the presidency are current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

At the end of last month, they took part in a debate. According to experts and opinion polls, Trump won the debate. Biden's performance was so disastrous that there were calls in the US for the Democratic Party to replace the presidential candidate.

Biden also admitted that his performance was unsuccessful, but emphasized that he had no plans to withdraw from the election.

In a TV interview with ABC after the debate, the president refused to have an independent medical examination that would confirm that he was ready to serve another term in office.

He explained his failure at the debate as a "bad episode," saying that "there are no signs of any serious illness."