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Demining with cutting-edge tech: How Swedish machine transforms Ukraine's land

Demining with cutting-edge tech: How Swedish machine transforms Ukraine's land Photo: Sweden trained soldiers and handed over a deeep mine clearance machine to Ukraine (Getty Images)

At the beginning of 2023, the Swedish government decided to transfer additional defense equipment to Ukraine. One of the systems included in the aid list was a depth demining machine, according to the Armed Forces of Sweden.

At the end of the summer and autumn of last year, cadets from Ukraine were in Sweden for training on a deep demining machine.

It is noted that this is not just a machine, but a complete system. A system that requires logistics, care, and maintenance.

Training details

During the training, students learned to manage the entire system. They have demonstrated a high willingness to learn and are now mastering the system, despite the difficulties in the form of a fast pace of learning, language barriers, and differences in teaching methodology.

Demining with cutting-edge tech: How Swedish machine transforms Ukraine's land

Photo: Demining machine (

The instructor reported that the students came to the training with different prior knowledge and although there were challenges, particularly with language, they demonstrated a high level of skill in handling and using the system.

Need for this technology in Ukraine

Landmines not only pose problems and risks to combat units at the front, but they are also a serious challenge for the civilian population and the restoration of important social functions such as agriculture and infrastructure.

The deep demining machine will help increase efficiency and safety at facilities in Ukraine.

The instructor added that it is much safer and more efficient to drive a car through minefields than to manually search with minesweepers and picks.

How this technique works

The Swedish-made deep demining machine is based on a logging machine, the chassis of which is strengthened to protect drivers from mine explosions, shrapnel, and some types of shelling.

The machine is controlled using a joystick from the cab, and a cleaning unit with rotating chains is placed in front, which at high speed hits the ground to a depth of up to 40 centimeters. When a mine is detected, it breaks or explodes under the action of rotating chains.

"The fact that with a short starting distance we have the opportunity to change the pace and restructure regular operations to conduct this important exercise in support of Ukraine is something I am very proud of. I would like to thank the staff who worked hard to make this possible, and without the support of the entire garrison, this would not have been possible," said Colonel Görgen Larsson, commander of the unit at Total Defense's ammunition and demining center.

Aid to Ukraine from Sweden

At the end of November, it was reported that Sweden would provide financial assistance to Ukraine. The money will go to the Grain From Ukraine initiative.

On December 11, the Prime Minister of Sweden, Ulf Kristersson, announced the allocation of a new aid package to Ukraine in the amount of 133.5 million dollars, in particular to support the energy sector in the winter period.

Also, Sweden, together with Britain, recently joined the drone coalition for Ukraine.