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Delegation of US congressmen arrives in Kyiv

Delegation of US congressmen arrives in Kyiv Photo: Bipartisan delegation of US congressmen arrived in Kyiv (

A delegation of American congressmen arrived in Kyiv today, February 9. It included both Democrats and Republicans, wrote the US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink on X.

"Great to welcome to Kyiv a bipartisan congressional delegation," the ambassador wrote.

According to her, the delegation is led by the House Intelligence Chair, a member of the Republican House of Representatives, Mike Turner and includes French Hill, Jason Crow, Abigail Spanberger and Zach Nunn.


American congressmen held a press conference during their visit to Kyiv. In particular, they promised to continue to support Ukraine, as it is in American interests.

US aid to Ukraine

The US Congress is currently considering new funding for aid to Ukraine over $60 billion.

Aid to Ukraine may be part of a package of money for Israel and Taiwan.

Yesterday, February 8, the US Senate took a step to consider such a package. Already today, the upper chamber of Congress is expected to consider the amendments.

However, in order for the US to approve new aid to Ukraine, the support of the House of Representatives is also needed.