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Defense ministry signed agreement on space exploration with Finnish company

Defense ministry signed agreement on space exploration with Finnish company Deputy Minister of Defense Kateryna Chernohorenko (
Author: Maria Kholina

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has signed a memorandum with the Finnish company ICEYE to deepen cooperation in the field of space intelligence, citing the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The ministry said that the agreement with ICEYE is aimed at strengthening interaction in the field of remote sensing of the Earth, which is crucial for Ukraine's national security and defense.

"Cooperation with ICEYE and the signing of the memorandum will significantly enhance our intelligence activities. We are grateful to the company for its commitment to democratic values, support for the Ukrainian people, and its stance on limiting space imaging over Ukrainian territory," said Deputy Defense Minister Kateryna Chernohorenko.

ICEYE is a Finnish company and one of the world's leaders in satellite technology. The company manufactures microsatellites and possesses one of the world's largest constellations of radar satellites.

Threat of Russia deploying nuclear weapons in space

In February 2024, the chairman of the US House Intelligence Committee, Mike Turner, announced a concerning threat to the national security of the country. US intelligence had obtained information about Russia's plans to deploy nuclear weapons in space.

President Joe Biden immediately directed the administration to begin negotiations with Russia regarding the possibility of testing nuclear weapons in space. Subsequently, reports emerged that the White House attempted to conduct secret talks with Russia to prevent the Kremlin from testing space-based nuclear weapons.

The American publication CNN revealed details about Russia's development of nuclear space weapons and outlined the potential threats they pose.