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Defense Intelligence of Ukraine confirms destruction of 4 IL-76 aircraft in Russia: Details

Defense Intelligence of Ukraine confirms destruction of 4 IL-76 aircraft in Russia: Details Four Il-76 aircraft were destroyed during an attack on the airfield in Pskov (Photo: rosmedia)

Andrii Yusov, a representative of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, in a comment to RBC-Ukraine, confirms the destruction of four military transport Il-76 aircraft in the Russian city of Pskov at night. Additionally, several other similar aircraft have been damaged,

"The enemy objects were targeted at the Pskov airfield. Some explosions destroyed four Il-76 aircraft, and several others were damaged."

He noted that currently, the information is being clarified, including losses of personnel on the enemy's side.

"However, since it was nighttime, if there were any personnel losses, they were insignificant. This was an attack using specialized equipment and operations by corresponding groups on the territory of and from the territory of the aggressor state," Yusov added.

According to the agency, this operation was organized by the GUR of the Ministry of Defense. However, the intelligence agency itself officially does not comment on its involvement or non-involvement in this event.

Attack on Pskov airport and destruction of Il-76 aircraft

One of the most significant drone attacks on Russia occurred on the night of August 30.

Six different Russian regions were targeted. However, Pskov suffered the most damage when the military transport aircraft Il-76 was hit (used to transport military personnel, equipment, and ammunition).

According to local reports, Pskov was allegedly attacked by as many as 12 drones. Attempts were made to shoot them down, including with firearms. However, these attempts were unsuccessful, and a fire broke out at the airport after the attack, which was extinguished by over 50 Emergency Ministry personnel.

Air defense failed to activate

The Russian agency "Mozhem obyasnit" reports based on eyewitnesses that the air defense system in Pskov did not activate in time, and it even simulated interceptions after the planes were already burning on the airfield. This "show" reportedly continued for several hours.

"After the airfield was on fire, transport planes Il-76 started taking off from 'Khresty' (the airport's name). The sound of their engines is unmistakable. They were taking off every three minutes. At least five took off," the publication's source mentions.

Russian sources report the destruction of at least two Il-76 aircraft and alleged damage to two more. The airport is currently closed.

For more details about the powerful night attack on Pskov and other regions of Russia - in the material by RBC-Ukraine.