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Deception, betrayal, gossip: Astrologers identify 4 zodiac signs on the brink of heartbreak

Deception, betrayal, gossip: Astrologers identify 4 zodiac signs on the brink of heartbreak Events will greatly disappoint these zodiac signs (photo:

In the coming days, problems may await the representatives of the four signs of the zodiac. They will be betrayed and may even be offended. Someone's heart will be broken by a loved one, and someone will be unpleasantly surprised by friends or colleagues, writes Collective World.


You will have to face an unpleasant situation. Someone you thought was your friend will finally reveal their true colors. This person is not who they want to appear to be. You may be very disappointed, betrayal will make you doubt everyone around you. But you should not give up on friendship and relationships, there are definitely reliable people next to you.


You may realize that the biggest traitor that prevents you from moving forward is yourself. Yes, yes, sometimes you need to think about why you confine yourself within certain boundaries. It is very difficult to realize this. However, the stars promise you significant progress if you finally "come to terms" with yourself. If you do not do this, you will betray yourself, like an insidious enemy.


Stars tell that you are likely to be hurt by gossip and bad words. Someone decided to lie about you to others or reveal your big secret. Of course, this will hurt your self-esteem. This betrayal should be a lesson for you. You should not trust those who are only trying to pretend to be a good person.


In the coming days, you may be very upset because of injustice. You will be betrayed by people who have always been close to you. Because of this, you can lose everyone's trust. Deception, betrayal, and disappointment are difficult and unpleasant situations that you should be able to survive. Learn to forget grievances and just move on."

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