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Debates had almost no impact on support for Biden and Trump

Debates had almost no impact on support for Biden and Trump US presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump (photo: Getty Images)

The first televised debate between US presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump had almost no impact on the level of voter support for them, according to the Ipsos survey.

The survey showed that despite the fact that 60% of respondents believed that Trump performed better than the incumbent president in the debate, while Biden received the support of only 21%, this did not change their support among voters.

Thus, after the debate, 46.7% of potential voters declared their intention to vote for Biden in the upcoming elections, which is only 1.6 percentage points lower than before the debate.

At the same time, support for Trump remained virtually unchanged. After the debate, the number of potential Trump voters increased from 43.5% to 43.9%. This is likely due to the fact that Americans were not impressed with Trump's performance at the debate.

The poll was conducted before and after the debate. The poll has a margin of error of 2.1 percentage points. 1700 out of 2543 respondents watched the debate in whole or in part. The margin of error in the survey of those who watched the debate is 2.5 percentage points.

Biden and Trump debate

Recently, the first televised debate between Biden and Trump, who will compete for the presidency in early November, took place in the United States. Polls immediately showed that Trump was the winner of the debate, while Biden's speech caused a flurry of criticism. There were also calls for the Democratic Party to change its presidential candidate.

Biden admitted that he had performed poorly in the first debate with Trump, but his team assured him that the incumbent president had no plans to withdraw from the race.

According to Axios, Biden's decision to run may be influenced by his family and inner circle. It was they who pushed him to run for a second presidential term.