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Who can push Biden to withdraw from elections - Axios reveals

Who can push Biden to withdraw from elections - Axios reveals Joe Biden and Jill Biden (photo: Getty Images)

According to Axios, US President Joe Biden's decision to run for office may be influenced by his family and inner circle. In particular, his wife and US First Lady Jill Biden.

"The only way President Biden steps aside, despite his debate debacle, is if the same small group of lifelong loyalists who enabled his run suddenly decides it's time for him to call it quits," Axios reports.

According to Axios, it is Jill Biden, the younger sister of President Valerie Biden, and Ted Kaufman, a longtime friend and regular adviser to Biden. The president's decisions are also influenced by a small group of White House advisers.

"This decades-long kitchen cabinet operates as an extended family, council of elders, and governing oligarchy. These allies alone hold sway over decisions big and small in Biden's life and presidency," Axios explains.

At the moment, according to Axios, Biden's entourage believes that if he continues to run for president, he has a better chance of winning than Vice President Kamala Harris, who some voices in the United States are proposing to nominate instead of Biden.

"These allies privately think Harris would struggle to pull moderate and swing voters and would enhance Trump's chances," Axios notes.

Biden's failure in the debate with Trump

In early November 2024, the US will hold presidential elections. This week, the first televised debate between US presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump took place.

According to the results of the debate, 67% of viewers admitted that Trump outperformed Biden, while 33% believed that the current US president performed better.

Afterward, the New York Times editorial board called on the US Democratic Party to nominate another presidential candidate instead of Biden to prevent Trump from winning the election.

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