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Czechia may train Ukrainian pilots on Gripen jets: Talks with Sweden started

Czechia may train Ukrainian pilots on Gripen jets: Talks with Sweden started Gripen jets (Getty Images)

Czechia holds talks with Sweden on the possible Ukrainian pilots training on Gripen fighter jets within its territory, according to Minister of Defense of Czechia Jana Černochová, Radio Prague International reports.

The minister recalled that in the spring and summer, around 2,000 Ukrainian military personnel underwent training in Czechia. In total, Czechia aims to train approximately 4,000 Ukrainian military personnel on its territory by the end of 2023.

Černochová notes that Czechia will continue to support Ukraine, including supplying weapons.

"Our equipment (provided to Ukraine) was not even from mobilization reserves. It was equipment we would never use again, and there was no significant number of military personnel trained to work on it," said the minister, specifying that there are no spare parts or ammunition for this equipment.

According to media reports, Ukrainian pilots have already tested Gripen fighter jets in Sweden. They were allowed for test flights.

Czechia's aid to Ukraine

Czechia is one of Ukraine's allies following the start of the full-scale Russian invasion.

Recently, the Czech government reached agreements with Denmark and the Netherlands to supply tanks, howitzers, and anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine.

The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs also cautioned Western countries against pushing Ukraine-Russia negotiations.