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Czechia launches fundraiser for 10,000 drones to support Ukrainian military

Czechia launches fundraiser for 10,000 drones to support Ukrainian military Czechia announces the collection of 10,000 drones for Ukrainian soldiers (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

The military in collaboration with volunteers in Czechia, has established the organization Group D. It will raise funds to purchase 10,000 FPV drones for Ukrainian defenders, according to iROZHLAS.

The organization Group D is headed by the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces, Karel Řehka. It is planned that the organization will soon announce the collection of about one hundred million Czech crowns (around 4.4 million dollars) for drones for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"Russians have understood the importance of drones on the battlefield and have been increasing their production during the war. They manufacture them in prisons and schools. We knew that we needed to react somehow," said a reservist and one of the investors, Jan Veverka.

The initiators of this collection state that their goal to purchase 10,000 drones for Ukrainian defenders is not an official initiative of the Czech army.

"This is a civilian initiative involving soldiers and mainly members of the active reserve. It is a good example of cooperation between civil society and the army," emphasized Řehka.

According to him, the creation of Group D is advantageous for the Czech army as it will enable them to draw knowledge directly from events on the battlefield.

"Our Ukrainian partners are ready to share all their experience with us, organize professional seminars with us, and provide us with invaluable information. Nobody just hands this to you. And if you give someone a few thousand drones, that will also have an effect," the general noted.

Collection for Black Hawk for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Earlier, together with Slovakia, Czechia started collecting funds for Black Hawk helicopters for Ukrainian reconnaissance.

As of November 24, it is known that citizens of the countries have collected 400,000 euros. The total cost of the helicopter is approximately 4.3 million euros.