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Czechia imposes sanctions against Ukraine's traitor Medvedchuk

Czechia imposes sanctions against Ukraine's traitor Medvedchuk Viktor Medvedchuk (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

Czechia today, on March 27, expanded the list of sanctions against Russia. Former Ukrainian MP Viktor Medvedchuk has been added to the list of restrictions, announces Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala.

According to him, the government expanded the national sanctions list to include two individuals and one legal entity.

This concerns former Ukrainian MP Viktor Medvedchuk, the company Voice of Europe, and propagandist Artem Marchevsky.

Fiala said the sanctions are aimed at hitting the pro-Russian network that tried to conduct an influence operation in Czechia.

"This could potentially have a serious impact on the security of Czechia and the EU," the prime minister added.

Reasons for the sanctions

According to Fiala, Medvedchuk led a number of influential networks in Russia and is personally associated with dictator Vladimir Putin.

"In Czechia, the company Voice of Europe, which is a legal entity on the sanctions list, is used," he said.

Marchevsky is also involved in these activities. According to Fiala, the group's activities go beyond Czechia and demonstrate Russia's long-term efforts to influence democratic processes in Europe.

Interference in the European Parliament elections

It is specified that the individuals added to the sanctions list sought to influence countries in the European Union, and later in the European Parliament.

The Czech Security Information Service reported that Russia is influencing EU member states and trying to influence political processes.

Earlier, the media reported that Czech intelligence services had uncovered an organized network by Russia that sought to influence the European Parliament elections in various European countries.

It was also pointed out that politicians from six EU countries, namely Germany, France, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Hungary, received money.

Medvedchuk funds the Voice of Europe

It is also noted that Medvedchuk secretly finances the Voice of Europe and gives instructions to Marchevsky, who effectively runs the company.

According to previous information, he uses Marchevsky to finance cooperation with journalists and secretly support selected individuals running for the European Parliament.

The Voice of Europe serves to influence and actively spread disinformation and propaganda aimed against the territorial integrity, independence, sovereignty, stability, and security of Ukraine.

Who is Medvedchuk

Viktor Medvedchuk is the godfather of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and the founder of the now-banned party Opposition Platform — For Life. Even before the full-scale invasion of Russia, he was suspected of state treason.

Until February 2022, he was under house arrest, but then he fled. The Security Service of Ukraine detained Medvedchuk in April of last year, and in September, he was exchanged for defenders of Mariupol. In particular, for the commanders of Azov, who defended Azovstal.

His wife, Oksana Marchenko, also fled to Russia and is currently there. She is a suspect in several high-profile cases.

Recently, it was reported that Medvedchuk was trying to reclaim his Ukrainian citizenship and parliamentary mandate through the courts.